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We know first hand how important recognition is to the success of any organization. With more than five million people participating in our programs, we know what works. We have created program solutions that celebrate achievement, reward performance, and honor years of service. Our goal is to exceed expectations, do the job well and add value to the workplace. We are proud to contribute to the many important moments in people's lives.

JTH Employee Recognition has a long history of providing employee recognition solutions to hundreds of clients.  By partnering with our clients and forming long term business relationships, JTH Employee Recognition continues to provide new and interesting ways organizations can recognize employee's achievements through our expanding employee performance programs.

At JTH we are committed to ensuring that the employee recognition programs and processes we recommend meet your needs.  Our Employee Performance consultants continually work with our clients on an on-going basis to ensure the success of their employee reward programs.

All great people share certain qualities -
commitment, diligence, loyalty.
They are the tough people who
remain through the tough times.

They deserve more than a handshake.
When you recognize people,
tell them you'd hire them
all over again.

Let them know that they are just as
important as the performance

-Dave Smith