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Our Reccommendations are Based on Time-tested Principles. Recognition is a basic human need and Employee Recognition Programs enable organizations additional mechanisms to foster employee achievment.  By continually reinforcing postive employee behaviors and employee successes, organizations will maintain valuable and high producing employees.  Employee Recognition programs have been proven to help achieve the following results:

  • What you recognize will surely be repeated
  • Recognition must occur throughout the organization
  • Recognition retains people
  • Recognition changes behavior, behavior drives culture, culture drives profit
  • Recognition energizes emotions
  • Manager's relationships with employees are critical in recognition
  • Recognition should be frequent and immediate
  • Recognition is best communicated by symbolic awards
  • Symbolic recognition delivers the highest return on investment

At JTH Employee Recognition we have the experience and expertise to ensure that the employee reward programs that are put in place help continually recongize employee achievements.  JTH also works to create employee reward and recognizations systems that match the employee achievements and coincide with the organizations goals and culture.