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At JTH Employee Recognition, We Deliver Solutions.  Our years of experience in the Employee Recognition and Employee Reward industry coupled with our in house Employee Recognition expets, ensures that our clients receive solutions that are uniquely developed to deliver results.   At JTH, we specialize in the following employee reward solutions and services:

  • Branding of employees
  • Positioning your organization as an employer-of-choice
  • Promoting a unified organizational culture
  • Impacting positive attitudes and behaviors
  • Driving measurable performance
  • Inspiring people to do great things
  • Simplifying the recognition process 

Implementing the appropriate employee reward program will result in higher producing employees and lower employee turn over.  Thus, ultimately resulting in lower employement costs in the longer term.  At JTH Employee Recognition, our consultants will partner with your company to assess any current employee reward programs and make recommendations to either improve your current process or implement a new employee recognition solution.

"If recognition has to wait until the performance appraisal once a year, you might as well throw it away. Recognition is something a manager should be doing all the time. It's a running dialog with people."

Ron Zemke, The Service Edge: 101 Companies that Profit from Customer Care.
Used with permission.