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Honor Club

Extraordinary Performance - Recognition is a management tool to achieve organizational goals. A sound recognition strategy leads to behavioral change, builds tradition, drives success and motivates your employees. Oftentimes, we place a greater emphasis on a few, when others could be contributing meaningful growth to an organization.

Unlike the typical short-term incentive program, The Honor Club is JTH Recognition's time tested method of continually improving sales results. The distinguishing features of "The Club" concept include:

  • An Honor Club identity with its own logo and graphics. These graphics become an integral part of the overall company culture through continual reinforcement in all communications materials.
  • A structure where individuals compete against annual objectives - not each other.
  • The continual celebration of achievement with a comprehensive menu of special recognition ideas, services, and awards.

When recognition takes a multi-level format designed to "stair-step" performance, it allows for successful recognition for both the extraordinary performer and the average employee. Our recognition consultants will assist you in fine-tuning behaviors and measuring criteria for a successful "honor club" within your company or organization.