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Sales Performance

Although compensation is important, money alone is not the primary motivator. JTH Recognition has developed sales growth programs that tap into an individual's desire to succeed, to associate with winners and to be recognized. They help to lay the foundation for a culture of success while aligning and communicating sales channel objectives to support corporate vision, goals, and sales/profit objectives.

The Honor Club

Unlike the typical short-term incentive program, The Honor Club is JTH Recognition's time tested method of continually improving sales results. The distinguishing features of "The Club" concept include:

  • An Honor Club identity with its own logo and graphics. These graphics become an integral part of the overall company culture through continual reinforcement in all communications materials.
  • A structure where individuals compete against annual objectives - not each other.
  • The continual celebration of achievement with a comprehensive menu of special recognition ideas, services, and awards.

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