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Recognition Program Measurement Seen Lacking

Spring 2007; Page 6

The institute for Corporate Productivity recently surveyed 265 organizations, finding that 73% have employee recognition programs in place.  However more than a third of that group (36%) say they don’t actually know if their employees are satisfied, while another 15% admit their employees aren’t satisfied at all.

“We know that employee recognition is a key factor in the motivation of employees – and in the ultimate success of an organization – so it’s surprising to hear just how many companies don’t have a handle on the effectiveness of their recognition programs,” says Jay Jamrog, Senior Vice president of Research at the Institute.

As anyone who has been involved in the motivation field for any length of time probably knows, one of the problems employee motivation has continually faced is the lack of accurate measurement.  That means when executives need to know what their return on investment is for an engagement program, the numbers just aren’t there.  “if organizations are going to implement an employee recognition program, they need to have a system of checks and balances in place to make sure it is doing what it is supposed to do,” says Jamrog.