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Don't Fear Longevity

Celebrate it! Celebrating anniversaries is an important way to acknowledge a long relationship between a company and its employees.

Ninety-two percent of organizations have some type of reward for years of service, and about 50 percent of employees view such programs as very or extremely important to them. Although they recognize employee tenure rather than performance, employee longevity is itself critical to the success and stability of most organizations.

At Country Kitchen International, headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, restaurant employees are given an embroidered gold star to wear on their uniform after three months of employment, and other stars at six and nine months, respectively.

If you do things that encourage a fun work environment, the morale of your group will directly benefit. Being thoughtful about planning activities that are fun can also serve as a powerful source of team building. So go ahead and have fun at work. After all, as musical humorist Victor Borge said, "Laughter is the shortest distance between two people."

Excerpt from Bob Nelson
Return on People, The Baltimore Business Journal
December 9-15, 2005