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Kraft Foods

Kraft also engaged Incentive Services to help develop customized training initiatives that would help reinforce behaviors that
would ultimately help Kraft’s bottom line results.

Key Objectives:

  • Continue to reduce Preventable Vehicular Accidents by Customer Logistic Team drivers, driving the cost of recordable incidents down.
  • Include productivity measures as part of incentive program for branch locations.
  • Include 650 warehouse associates to the program and identify new program initiatives that will help reduce Lost Time Injuries and Accidents.
  • Develop training content that will help continually reinforce the culture of safety at Kraft Foods.
Incentive Service's Solution:

Program Design:

The Incentive Service's team met with Kraft leadership to identify their objectives and then develop an implementation strategy for their safety incentive program.

The system was designed as a point-based system that awards Kraft drivers and warehouse associates for reaching pre-defined goals for the following categories:

  • Increased Branch Productivity Over Last Year (Units-Per-Hour)
  • Branch Training Completion (Must have 100% Completion)
  • Meeting Lost Time Injuries Goals
  • Avoidance of Preventable Vehicular Accidents
  • Kraft also chose to include a year-end bonus for branches who met their annual Lost-Time Injuries goals.


To launch the program, JTH utilized Kraft’s “Making Safety Your Business” campaign. I.S. developed branch launch kits, which included participant rules brochures, program catalogs, and DVD-based program introduction videos. The video, produced by the I.S. media production group, was filmed at Kraft’s local facility in Minneapolis, MN. Each quarter, participants receive customized performance statements detailing their quarterly earnings.


To compliment Kraft’s existing Computer-Based Training, I.S. developed video training in DVD format for Safe Operations and Proper Backing Techniques. I.S. captured the training video footage at Kraft’s local facility in Minneapolis, MN. I.S. packaged the training DVDs in customized DVD jewel cases, which included training manuals for group instructors.


The program web site features a personalized account for each program participant. Participants can view program rules and frequently asked questions, view the program video, browse for rewards and redeem online 24/7.

Analysis & Results:

Kraft’s year-end results were extremely positive. Kraft’s Customer Logistics Group posted a 43% improvement in the number of Lost Time Incidents, resulting in a 50% decrease in days lost.

Kraft’s recordable incident rate improved by 21% compared to 2005. Since 2002, Kraft’s Customer Logistics fleet has posted a 35% improvement in incident frequency.

Workers’ Comp costs showed a 42% improvement in variable charge in 2006, which resulted in an estimated savings of $1.7 Million. This also results in a reduction of the 2007 base charge by over $3.0 Million for 2007.

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