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Transportation Industry


Our client, a large transportation company, found that when it came to their transportation team, dollars spent on accidents, lost-time injuries, violations, and damage to company equipment were adding up fast and having a serious impact on profitability. With the continued impact of rising fuel costs, they began looking for a solution.

Our client was primarily interested in implementing a program for their fleet drivers that would decrease accidents, injuries, violations, and equipment damage while increasing awareness about how each driver can help improve their location’s miles-per-gallon (MPG) statistics. In addition, they wanted to take the opportunity to implement driver training on OSHA required topics like Hazardous Materials, Driver Qualification File Requirements, and Vehicle Inspections into their program.

Key Objectives:

  • Create a culture focused on safety.
  • Decrease accidents, OSHA recordable injuries, violations of local, state, and federal law, and damage to company equipment.
  • Increase awareness about location MPG efficiency.
  • Integrate driver training content with the incentive program in one overall theme package design.

JTH Recognition's Solution

Program Design:

JTH Recognition met with key members of the company’s Health and Safety division and developed a plan to address each of the concerns and objectives detailed above through a safety incentive program.

The program was designed around awarding drivers safety points for each quarter they have no preventable vehicular accidents, OSHA recordable injuries, violations, or instances of damage to company equipment. In addition, drivers must complete three online training modules (one per month) to remain eligible to earn quarterly safety points.

Additional opportunities for drivers to earn points include location MPG bonuses, annual location safety bonuses, driver of the year awards, and Manager above-and-beyond recognition awards.

Once the high-level program design plan and budget specifications were developed, the JTH Recognition design and delivery teams scheduled recurring meetings with our client’s Manager of Health and Safety to start working through the program launch plan.


To effectively communicate the program to drivers, JTH Recognition first developed a program theme, including various editions of the program collateral, for proposal to the company decision makers. Our client chose their theme and JTH Recognition began working on the production pieces.

JTH Recognition first developed a teaser campaign that included posters for each of the company locations across the U.S. The poster announced the program start date and displayed the program web site URL.

JTH Recognition then developed a Flash-based employee introduction video that was to be sent in DVD format to each location for their kick-off meetings. The I.S. Media Production team flew out to film an introduction message from the company CEO, which was integrated into the employee introduction video.

JTH Recognition also proposed a number of promotional products to be used as giveaways for drivers during the program launch. The client decided upon a laser engraved carabiner keychain for each driver with the program URL etched in the side. In addition, this company chose a custom pen with a screen of the program logo on the barrel for all drivers and managers within the system. The carabiners, pens, posters, introduction DVDs, and program award catalogs were sent to each location along with an instructional letter for the location Manager to use during their individual kick-off meetings.

JTH Recognition also developed an electronic enrollment certificate for each driver to symbolize their enrollment in the program.


JTH Recognition began training development right away. The program plan called for an interactive, self-directed training module that would allow drivers to complete training over the internet from the convenience of any computer at any time.

Training was developed using Flash technology and was hosted on the program web site. Each quarter, drivers would be expected to complete the three interactive training programs available. Each module is broken into various chapters and utilizes “click-thru” technology to help engage drivers when taking the training. Upon the conclusion of each module, there is a 10-question multiple-choice quiz that must be passed (100% score). Passing all three modules qualifies the driver to earn safety points, provided they meet the additional safety criteria outlined above.

JTH Recognition also created a stand-alone version of this training content that our client could use outside of the program web site.  JTH Recognition created and currently hosts a web site for the client to link to the newly-created training content from their company’s Safety intranet site, allowing all company employees to participate in the training.

JTH Recognition also provided the client with a completely offline version of the training on CD-ROM that could be inventoried at each location and used for drivers without company or personal internet access.


The program web site was developed featuring:

  • Customized graphics that carry the program theme.
  • A hosted web version of the employee introduction video and CEO Message.
  • A training menu that includes individual status indicators for each training module, notifying users of their progress with each individual test.
  • Online resources such as full program rules and frequently asked program-related questions.
  • A complete online catalog featuring merchandise awards, travel packages, apparel, magazine subscriptions, and quarterly featured products.
  • Online administration function that allows location and regional management to pull training completion reports by region.

Analysis & Results

The program launched in April of 2006 and through the first quarter, the company saw an immediate decrease in preventable vehicular accidents and OSHA recordable injuries over the same time period in 2005. 

Through six months, the trend continued with this company realizing a 43% reduction in the number of commercial motor vehicle accidents compared to the previous year with their frequency rates dropping over 3 points on average compared to the previous year.

Since the implementation of the program, the MPG has improved by 5.3%.

JTH Recognition delivery team meets with this client 3-4 times per year to continue to work through future training content, analyze training completion, and coordinate quarterly driver information and point uploads.

To learn more on how JTH Recognition can help your organization improve performance, recognize success, improve safety, and decrease costs, please complete and submit the Program Analysis and you will contacted shortly.