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Safety Programs


Our client, a major player in the automotive parts and distribution market, needed to find ways to cut operating costs while keeping productivity & quality at an all-time high. With over 12,000 employees in the Interior Systems Division, they realized that by focusing on improving safety performance they could take steps in achieving their goal. Their challenge was to find a cost-effective solution that could be managed with minimal administration, simplify their company goals, and provide motivation and incentive for their employees to achieve these goals.

Key Objectives:

  • Create a consistent and measurable program that could be easily implemented and managed in their 26 different locations.
  • Simplify company goals for the employee.
  • Create a motivating, engaging program that would drive employee performance and recognize employees who work hard to achieve company objectives.

JTH Recognition’s Solution

Program Design:

The JTH Recognition team met key leadership figures to first understand their program objectives in an effort to tie company goals to daily employee performance through the implementation of a tier-based achievement award program.

Once the high-level program design plan and budget specifications were developed, the JTH Recognition design and delivery teams scheduled recurring meetings with company leadership in order to develop the program communications pieces and launch the program.


The JTH Recognition Creative team created several communications pieces to be sent to each client facility for the program launch. Individual pieces included launch posters, announcement banners, and tent cards.

Ongoing communications pieces include additional posters, quarterly promotional materials, newsletters, and location performance standings.


The JTH Recognition training group developed a “train-the-trainer” Manager Guide that included program details, a video of the company’s annual recognition event, and helpful information regarding various safety topics and skills.

Quarterly training updates were developed and sent to each location Manager. Flash-based programs with topics such as Slips, Trips, and Falls and Proper Stretching Techniques were presented via CD-ROM.


The program website was developed to include:

  • Customized graphics that carry the program theme.
  • A complete online award offering for each achievement level, allowing users to redeem their award for one of many items within their level.
  • Online administration tools that allow JTH Account Management and client management to effectively manage open award orders and orders processed.

Analysis & Results:

Over the first year of implementation, the program contributed to this company reducing operational costs by approximately $86 Million over the previous year.

  • At one year, accident frequency rates were down 33% from the previous year.
  • At 21 months into the program, this company’s accident frequency rating was reduced by 75% from program start.

The first year of program implementation recorded 10 plants that had perfect safety ratings; the previous year only had two locations with perfect ratings. Accident severity rates dropped 20% in just the first five months; at one year, rates were reduced by 46%.

To learn more on how JTH Recognition can help your organization improve performance, recognize success, improve safety, and reduce costs, please complete and submit the Program Analysis and you will contacted shortly.