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Umbrella Programs


Each location within this healthcare organization had a number of different recognition-style initiatives that were up and running, but this group found themselves struggling to get the return on investment (ROI) from the various detached programs. The client also felt that these various initiatives did not effectively communicate their vision or elevate their hospitals culture.

Like most other healthcare providers, this company was also deeply concerned about turnover. Since their success was directly tied to patient survey satisfaction scores, they simply could not afford to lose good employees. All of these factors were considered when this company began looking for a recognition solution.

Key Objectives:

  • Create a culture of recognition within the company’s locations.
  • Improve patient satisfaction by retaining top employees.
  • Provide management with a recognition tool that would allow them to recognize desirable employee behaviors and reward such behaviors accordingly.
  • Increase employee morale and satisfaction by rewarding them with a consistent incentive that will promote positive results and encourage individual goal setting.
  • Design a program that could incorporate various initiatives such as Service Awards, Manager-to-employee recognition, new-hire referral incentives, team achievement bonuses, and more while keeping program communications and messaging consistent with the company’s vision.

JTH Recognition's Solution

Program Design:

JTH Recognition met with Executive Stakeholders in order to first understand their needs and objectives in an effort to link corporate goals to daily employee performance through the implementation of an umbrella recognition system.

Once the high-level program design plan and budget specifications were developed, the JTH Recognition design and delivery teams scheduled recurring meetings with key members of the client marketing, IT, and HR groups to start working through the program launch plan.


To effectively communicate the program to participants, JTH Recognition worked closely with key members of the client marketing team to develop a communications campaign that would create excitement and introduce the program while staying within the design parameters of the current company marketing efforts.

JTH Recognition first developed a teaser campaign that included posters of various sizes that would be interchanged weekly, communicating different messages alluding to the new program. The teaser campaign also included three-dimensional ceiling danglers and table tents that carried the look and feel of the program to create buzz around the impending program.

Next, the JTH Recognition Media Production team flew out to the client’s campus to shoot live video of employees in action at their various locations.  Footage was captured for the development of the employee introduction video, which was provided to each employee via their individual launch kits. The video was also on the program web site. The CEO provided a taped executive message that introduces the video and program to employees.

Launch elements were developed with the goal of being unique for the organization while being functional for employees. The campaign centered on a promotional gift to employees – the goal was to stay within budget while producing something that would provide continuous value to the employee. The item decided upon was a promotional multi-disc CD/DVD case that was branded with the program theme. Inside the case was a custom-designed employee brochure, sized to fit specifically within the case. Also inside the case was the employee introduction video in DVD format.

In addition, a welcome letter from the CEO was drafted and sent to each employee at their home address. The letter included a custom employee wallet card that contained detailed instructions on how to access the program web site. The card was designed with pen-compatible panels on the back, allowing the employee to write in their username and password for the web site.

JTH Recognition continues to work with this company in crafting an ongoing communications plan to consistently reinforce the program.


The program web site was developed featuring:

  • A hosted web version of the employee introduction video and CEO Message.
  • A Manager-to-Employee Recognition module featuring award categories for Quality, Service, People, Finance, Growth, and Community to reinforce behaviors such as outstanding patient care, teamwork, going above and beyond, and overall excellence in customer service.
  • Additional opportunities to earn points include an employee referrals program, employee of the month, and team goal achievement.
  • Online resources such as full program rules, frequently asked program-related questions, and online recognition guidelines for managers & directors.
  • A complete online catalog featuring merchandise awards, travel packages, apparel, magazine subscriptions, and quarterly featured products.
  • Online administration tools such as activity reports, issuance and redemption information, and budget usage reports.


The company first introduced the program to their Management staff during their monthly Manager meeting. The introduction video was shown and the program specifics were introduced.

The company then coordinated program launches within each one of their locations. Launch kits (CD Holder, Employee Rules booklet and Introduction DVD) were handed out by department management.

Analysis & Results:

JTH Recognition holds quarterly program analysis meetings with this client. Also,  JTH Recognition works to capture program activity results, budget usage information and also feedback from program participants throughout the first six months of the program.

To learn more on how JTH Recognition can help your organization improve performance, recognize success, improve safety, and decrease costs, please complete and submit the Program Analysis and you will contacted shortly.