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Versico Incorporated

VersicoVersico Incorporated is the third largest provider of single-ply roofing systems in the world. Versico had managed a loyalty rewards program for their distributor sales network for several years, but found that the program wasn’t delivering the return on investment necessary. In addition, the existing program proved to be an administrative burden to Versico.

Specifically, Versico needed a program that would engage their distributor network and make Versico products the first choice for their various roofing distributors. Versico needed to develop a re-launch campaign that would get their distributors excited about the new and improved program and also have the technological tools necessary to make administration easy.

Key Objectives:

  • Develop a new program launch campaign to energize distributors and create excitement about the new and improved program.
  • Implement a program that would maintain distributor mindshare far after the initial excitement of the program launch.
  • Integrate the program using the necessary technology to help minimize administrative work.
Incentive Service’s Solution:

Program Design:

The Incentive Services team met with Versico leadership to first understand their objectives and goals of the new program and then developed a plan to implement a redesigned program aimed at rewarding Versico distributors for each square foot of Versico roofing purchased and installed.

The system was designed as a point-based system that awards distributors for each square foot of product purchased and installed. Points would be awarded based on product claim forms, or job application forms, submitted by program participants.

The program was designed to run on the calendar year, allowing distributors to earn from January 1st through December 31st of 2006. This design keeps the program exciting and creates more of a spurt atmosphere for participants, especially towards the end of the year where there is a race to the finish.


To launch the program, Incentive Services developed a campaign around Versico’s existing program theme, the Excalibur Rewards program. Materials developed for the launch included participant rules brochures, which detailed the criteria for participating in the new program, different award options, and website instructions.

Also developed was a program introduction video, which was hosted on the program website. The video, produced by the I.S. media production group, was developed using Macromedia Flash technology and features custom themed graphics, professional voiceover narration, and full program rules.


To help keep the program simple for distributors, I.S. worked with Versico to create a seamless login process from the Versico corporate homepage to the rewards website. Participants would login to their account and be taken directly into the program website. This eliminated the need for separate login credentials for participants.

The program website features a personalized account for each program participant where they can view program rulesand frequently asked questions, view the program video, browse for rewards and redeem online. The site also features activity reports for Versico management to track program success rates, activity by distributor, and more.

Analysis & Results:

The program launched in Quarter 3 of 2006, so initial results are not yet available. Retroactive points were awarded instantly for distributor activity captured from January through June of 2006.

I.S. Account Management will work with Versico to progressively analyze program activity and results. Each quarter, I.S. will review the program with Versico to make sure the program is continuing to address Versico’s objectives.

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